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So Happy is an app designed for schools and schoolchildren’s parents. It provides information on meals, and enables the meals to be ordered and paid for. It also significantly simplifies the work at educational establishments – and perhaps yours as well soon…



At a time when apps are helping us more and more in everyday life, So Happy, the new app from Sodexo, is enabling better communication.

This is because it offers numerous advantages both for schools and for parents:

  • it enables meals to be reserved and paid for;
  • it provides a host of information on the meals being served (ingredients, nutritional values, allergens, etc.);
  • it provides advice on adopting a healthy diet, in collaboration with a dietician;
  • it provides information on menus several weeks in advance;
  • it simplifies administrative work for the school in terms of paying for meals. No more need for meal tickets, collecting money or sending a wire transfer.


Each pupil also receives a name tag onto which money can be loaded. This can be used to pay for meals, as well as snacks and drinks from vending machines. With So Happy, parents can track the expenditure being made via the name tag.

Not just for schools…

The So Happy platform has been especially developed for Sodexo. This customisation naturally accommodates any modifications requested by the school. According to the requirements, the list of functions available on the app can be increased or decreased. So Happy can therefore make many sectors other than educational establishments happy…

Cashless payment is growing ever more in significance. Rest and care homes could also benefit from it. Furthermore, the FeelGood@home tool – a digital application that enables elderly people to choose their daily menu from home using their iPad – is based on the same principle.

These services are aimed at residents of rest and care homes, but not only them – families, village residents or occupants of supportive housing, for example, can also benefit from it.  It is an asset for home services providers.

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