Some tips to taste and visit in the Eur District…

Yummy for the tummy!

The place to taste a finger-licking “Millefoglie”: Cavalletti Caffè

Viale Europa, 20 Roma
Opening hours: 7:00 – 21:00
Note: coffee is here more expensive than usual

The pastry shop has been baking cakes for the Romans since 1951. According to legend, Queen Elizabeth had Cavalletti’s Millefoglie sent to Buckingham Palace every year.

The cake is prepared daily with quality ingredients. Although the secret to the goodness of this Millefeuille has yet to be revealed, the only thing that is certain is that the recipe remains that of Sergio Cavalletti’s recipe from many years ago.

Although it is a typical French dessert, the Napoleon cake (it is also called this) is very popular in Italy and Rome. It is the contrast between the crunchy puff pastry and the delicate Chantilly or pastry cream that makes our taste buds go crazy.

Authentic delicious Italian ice cream at… Gelateria Torcè

Viale dell’Aeronautica, 105
Opening hours: 12:00 – 21:00

It all began with Claudio Torcè, who was able to innovate an industry with brilliant insights by introducing unusual flavors for the first time.

The philosophy of experimentation, care, and a commitment to constant quality research has taken root throughout the staff, currently led by Juraj Detvaj. The result is a range of artisanal ice cream and chocolate that has been pleasing the public for over 20 years.

Best pizza Napoletana in town at Da Michele Roma

Viale Europa, 20 Roma
Opening hours: 7:00 – 21:00

A glamorous pizzeria in style that does not lose authenticity in the taste and choices on the menu, with all the traditional notes that the prestigious brand of l’antica pizzeria Da Michele brings. In fact, the menu emphasises the presence of the Casa Madre pizzas, namely margherita, marinara, cosacca and marita, with the addition of other variants agreed upon with the brand that, in keeping with tradition, respect the history and 151 years of l’antica pizzeria da Michele.

Time for some sightseeing!

Colosseo Quadrato

Quadrato della Concordia, 00144 Rome, Italy

The Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, also known as the Palazzo della Civiltà del Lavoro, or in everyday speech as the Colosseo Quadrato (“Square Colosseum”), is a building in the EUR district in Rome.  It was designed in 1938 by three Italian architects: Giovanni Guerrini, Ernesto La Padula, and Mario Romano. The building is an example of Italian Rationalism and fascist architecture with neoclassical design, representing romanità, a philosophy which encompasses the past, present, and future all in one. The design of the building draws inspiration from the Colosseum with rows of arches.

Palazzo dei Congressi

Piazza John Kennedy, 1, 00144 Rome, Italy

The Palazzo dei Ricevimenti e dei Congressi is a building in Rome located in the EUR district; designed by Adalberto Libera and begun in 1938, it was completed in 1954.

Due to its capacity and large free volumes, it was also intended to host the fencing competitions at the 1960 Olympic Games in Rome.

Laghetto dell’Eur

The Parco Centrale del Lago, more informally Parco Lago dell’EUR or, colloquially, Laghetto, is a modern green area in Rome within which is an artificial pond located at the separation of the carriageways of Via Cristoforo Colombo, in the EUR district.

The park occupies an area of approximately 160,000 m², more or less equally divided between the green area and the artificial lake.

Palazzi dell’INA e dell’INPS

United Nations square, Via Ciro il Grande, 21, 00144 Rome, Italy

The INA and INPS buildings, also known as the Social Security and Insurance Buildings, are a pair of symmetrical, mirror-image buildings in Rome.

An example of the rationalist style, they were completed after the end of World War II and used as the headquarters of the respective public institutions for which they were intended, the National Social Security Institute the one on the right with the city behind it, and the National Insurance Institute the one on the opposite side of the street.

Obelisco Marconi

Piazza Guglielmo Marconi, 00144 Rome, Italy

The Obelisk of Marconi, or Obelisk of EUR, is an obelisk of Rome, counted among the most modern in the city together with the Obelisco Novecento (by Arnaldo Pomodoro) and the obelisks of the Foro Italico, Villa Torlonia and Villa Medici.

A work of the sculptor Arturo Dazzi, it is dedicated to the physicist, inventor and senator Guglielmo Marconi.

Chiesa dei Santi Pietro e Paolo

Piazzale dei Santi Pietro e Paolo, 8, 00144 Rome, Italy

The design of the church, built on the highest point of the district, where it is believed an oratory of the Archconfraternity of the Pilgrims dedicated to the two apostles stood, was entrusted to the architects Arnaldo Foschini, Alfredo Energici, Vittorio Grassi, Nello Ena, Tullio Rossi and Costantino Vetriani. The project was approved in September 1938 and work began in April 1939.

During the Second World War, work slowed down until it was suspended after a bombing that affected some structures in 1943. Work on the building resumed in 1953 and it was discovered that large quantities of construction material had been stolen from the building site.

Opened for worship in July 1955, the church received the dignity of parish in December 1958 and the title of cardinal on 5 February 1965. In June 1966, the church was dedicated by the titular cardinal Franjo Šeper and the following year elevated to the dignity of a minor basilica.