28 February 2020

Dress code business
– Paris –

Meet at Hotel lobby, OKKO Hotel
– walk to Balard
Anaïs Pâche, Sodexo France

Visit Balard and lunch, Quartier Général du Ministère des Armées, Paris

French Ministry of Defense

End & Travel home

Practical information about the Balard visit
  • Meeting at hotel OKKO Lobby at 9h30. We will be welcomed by Florence Tarin and Anaïs Pâche from the Sodexo France teams @ Balard site
  • Please leave luggage at the hotel in order to avoid long waiting lines to scan everything when entering the site
  • Upon arrival at Balard, you will have to present your ID. Please use the same one you sent to us previously
  • For those who come by car : parking vailable at  Aqua Boulevard close to the hotel (4-6 Rue Louis Armand, 75015 Paris)
  • It is not allowed to take pictures inside Balard.
  • Lunch will take place at Balard – after lunch, return to the OKKO hotel to get luggage – end of meeting

Small advice:

The Balard site is huge and involves therefore a lot of walking. It might be preferable for women (and for everyone else 😊 ) to wear comfortable shoes.